Readings of Mr. G (solo version)










April 29, 2016 Sentralen, Oslo

Hans Kristian Kjos Sørensen – percussion, vocals
Peter Knudsen – video

Work in detail


Once I was talking to Mr. G in Moscow. I was speaking of London, where I had been staying a  short while before,

about the terrifying mechanization that was being developed in the big cities and without which it was probably

impossible to live and work.

On the same occasion I asked Mr. G., ” Can one stop being a machine?”

Mr. G.said:

”Man moves in circles

Man lives in circles

Man sleeps in circles

Man loves in circles

All that befalls man,

All that is done to him, all that

comes from him

All this just happens to man

And all this happens”

Mr. G said

”In the same way

as snow melts

as rains falls

as dust rises in the wind.

Everything man says, does, thinks, feels

All this happens.

Man cannot invent anything.

With man it all just happens.

Man is born, lives, dies, build houses, makes art, not as he wants to, but as it happens.

Everything just happens to man”


man is in a sleep

even when awake

when awake we are

even when awake we are in

we are in a sleep

man does not

man does

man does

man does not

Man does not remember

does not remember himself

man must remember

remember himself

be be be be

be awake

be awake over ourselves

but man is born

man is born among sleeping

if we knew

if only we knew

we would be

we would be awake

but everything

everything goes on

and we, we have not

we have not any idea

of what we are loosing


Man goes nowhere

Comes from nowhere

Everything is as it is

Man is a machine

Everything with him just happens

If man could change

Everything then would change

But man is as he is

So everything

Is at it is

From Peter D.Ouspensy: ”In search of the miraculous”