Five Imprints of Time II

Five Imprints of Time II” is written for three percussionists and consists of five movements or imprints of time. Each movement «moves» time in its own way, leaving behind an imprint of the new moulding of time. The polyphonic weaving of the three separate parts in movement one, two and four consists of three independent lines which determine register, density, hamonicity and instrumentation. These three movements are highly linear on the level of form but with a non-linear rotation of a consistent material on the inside. Movements three and five are non-linear static fields of unison chords where time almost does not move at all.

The five movements are related in regard to sound, spectrums and dynamics, but  each one is a separate entity, like items in an exibithion. The silence inside each  movement and in between them give muscicians and audience the chance to dwell on  each imprint and create their own sound in response to what has been given acoustically.


17 Minutes
Orchestration: 3 perc.
Publisher: Edition Wilhelm Hansen Copenhagen