Places of Sounds and Words – new album

New album with Elisabeth Holmertz, Cikada and asamisimasa on Lawo classics

Recording of ‘Dichterliebe’ with Tora Augestad, BFO and Edward Gardner

September 11, Grieghallen, Bergen Norway
Tora Augestad – mezzo soprano
Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra
Edward Gardner – conductor


Ophelias: Death By Water Singing

New recording of chamber opera “Ophelias: Death By Water Singing”, by Cecilie Løveid and Henrik Hellstenius. With
Elisabeth Holmertz, Tora Augestad, Ivan Ludlow, Silje Aker Johnsen, Ebba Rydh, Janna Wettergren, CIKADA ensemble and
Christian Eggen, conductor

The New Song

CD with recording of “As the last blow falls”
Marianne Beate Kielland -mezzosoprano | Nils Anders Mortensen -piano

Hearing Things

CD with recording of “Readings of Mr. G (solo version)”
Hans Kristian Kjos Sørensen – solo percussion and voices

Hellstenius & Matre – Violin Concertos

New CD on BIS: Hellstenius & Matre – Violin Concertos
Peter Herresthal – violin
Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, Rolf Gupta

In Memoriam

New CD on BIS: In Memoriam.
Peter Herresthal – violin
Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, Rolf Gupta

MiN ensemblet: Party Music – Songs from the outside

Hellstenius, Henrik | Ness, Jon Øivind | Adderley, Mark | Harvey, Jonathan

Minuetto Libero

Twitter Machine: Crossing Patterns

Twitter Machine | Jung, Lars-Erik ter | Kjekstad, Thomas
Hellstenius, Henrik | Matre, Ørjan | Ness, Jon Øivind | Orning, Tanja | Åm, Magnar

Catch Light

Bass Trip – Styffe, Dan

Readings of Mr. G

Henrik Helstenius’ music is lively and animated, with an interaction between musical elements that has a strong dramatic element, a reflection of the fact that Hellstenius has worked a lot with music for theatre and dance.

Ten Norwegian Short Stories – Kvalbein, Aage

Tightrope Walker – Sigyn Fossnes

Contemporary Double Bass Solo 3 – Ianke, Bjørn

Twitter Machine

Sisu: Scratch!

Wallin, Rolf | Hellstenius, Henrik | Waring, Rob
Hellstenius: Five Imprints of Time II


Saxofon Concentus: Second Tale

Navigations – Kyberia

Absolute Pling-Plong

Barrat Dues Juniororkester: Tre Bevegelser

Asheim / Kraggerud / Grieg / Hellstenius
Barratt Dues Juniororkester | Chung, Soon-Mi